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The gifts of being understood and being able to understand are so powerful,  yet so many valued relationships struggle due to misunderstanding. Perspective-taking is pivotal for neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals in any relationship, as constant misunderstandings cause disparities and conflicts when interpreting communication, feelings, and thoughts.  

Working with a neurodivergent coach to gain understanding and to develop the other person’s perspective, often leads to harmony, synergy, support, and relationship success.

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Family Together


Effective communication is essential for all family members as they work to increase understanding, compassion, and patience for differences in thinking - and even begin to appreciate them. But differences in thinking and processing information leads to conflict and frustration, and can undermine family harmony and mutual support and respect.

Working with a professional who understands divergent thinking can be transformative for the entire family. Identifying where breakdowns exist to both bridge communication gaps and remove blame, ultimately improves listening skills and empathy that serve each person in the family.



The statistics and research are clear: successfully leading and managing teams of diverse thinkers lifts organizations.
Consultation and psychoeducation are key to creating and maintaining cultures of inclusiveness and equity. To ensure your institution is a welcoming and supportive community for neurodivergent and neurotypical talent, stakeholders, and clients, working with a thought partner provides the necessary insights to actualize a comprehensive shift.

Writing a Diary
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Thought Partner

After 15 years as Director of Counseling Services in a private school setting, I know first-hand the gratification and the demand of working with adolescents today. I believe in the positive effects on a school community when well-being and mental health are a priority. There is a need to support and validate all constituency groups, from students to faculty, parents, and board of directors. These groups are seeking information and answers, while also looking to their school leaders for their expertise and guidance.

Consulting with a thought partner when evaluating best practices, dealing with a crisis situation, or when challenges surface, assures a thorough and balanced approach that considers all groups while honoring the mission and educational goals of the institution.   

Thought Partner


All coaching sessions are virtual and last 50-55  minutes. The cost of each coaching session is $150.  I welcome the opportunity to briefly discuss neurodiverse coaching and learn about you and your goals, prior to scheduling. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a receipt with billing codes for the purposes of reimbursement through your healthcare provider, as Neurodiverse Coaching is not a medical or mental health service. 

Consulting fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. 

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