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Neurodiverse Coaching

Understanding and appreciating the nuances of neurodiversity is critical to support individuals and couples move beyond the frustrations of miscommunication and disconnect. The culture of neurodivergence is often served best by coaching, which looks to directly name and address unhelpful behaviors, and hone in on specific strategies. Approaching challenging situations looking through a neurodiverse lens, both for neurotypical and divergent thinkers benefits all stakeholders.    


Interpreting the differences in socialization can also require knowledge of sensory issues and other environmental issues. These factors could impact those who are neurodivergent. Again, coaching considers various conditions and situations when looking to reduce disruption in one’s life.



Stephanie DeSouza

A seasoned mental health practitioner, educator, neurodiverse coach, and consultant, I care deeply about supporting those who think and experience the world in unique ways. My passion is aiding individuals who are neurodivergent to find their strengths, thrive, contribute to their communities, and enjoy meaningful and rewarding lives. Seeing experiences through a neurodiverse lens has become a focus of my work.

I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work as well as a certificate as a Neurodiverse Couples Coach. In addition, I have certifications in ADHD and as an Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist.

A bit more…

  • I’ve worked in the mental health arena for 20 years’ across a variety of roles,  including working in my own private practice as a therapist, designing programs, facilitating groups, and coaching clients.

  • I founded and directed a summer day camp experience for youth with autism for 12 summers. The idea stemmed from a desire to provide a fun summer camp for all adolscents in a mainstream setting. 

  • My 15 year tenure as Director of Counseling Services  (day and boarding, grades 6-12) provided me with extensive insight around adolescent development, the pressures they experience, and the energy they devote to making the “right” decision. Parent support and education was a large part of this role.

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Coaching is collaborative and goal-oriented and I strive to provide guidance and accountability to help clients achieve their desired outcomes, regardless of circumstance or setting. Together we work to reduce disruption in your life and instead look to create a comfortable balance. 

An official diagnosis is not required to begin our partnership. We will work to identify challenges and focus on solutions.  I am comfortable including parents, siblings, partners, and/or colleagues if it’s helpful to the coaching process. I partner with my clients to examine ALL factors that may be contributing to their stress and feelings of isolation. 

My Approach

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